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FCC Replies to RF Exposure Guideline Revisions Due
November 1

The FCC has received more than 750 comments on its Notice of Inquiry (NOI) released March 29, 2013, on RF exposure limits and policies (set in 1997). The American Academy of Pediatrics weighed in by the deadline, calling for a review of exposure guidelines for children (the Notice of Inquiry […]



On SF Supervisors Agenda May 7: Settling Wireless Industry Lawsuit, Rescinding Cell Phone Right to Know Law

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote at its Tuesday, May 7 meeting on invalidating the municipality’s pioneering cell phone right-to-know ordinance as part of the settlement of a lawsuit filed by the wireless industry‚Äôs lobbying powerhouse CTIA (Consent Agenda Item 8). The settlement includes a waiver […]

Cell Phone Radiation Warning Redux: Topic on State Senate Floor, Conflict for International Panel 2

Cell phone radiation concerns: action soon on California Senate floor, International Agency for Research on Cancer experts convene.

Idioms ‘Transmit’ Health Concerns in
Wireless Technology Documentaries:
“Full Signal”
“Radiant Day”
“Bad Reception”
“Public Exposure”

Recent documentary titles investigate potential health hazards of cell phones, cell towers, and wireless technology, and use industry idioms to drive home their point.