Wireless Installations

Glendale Opposition to Cell Towers: Five Years Later, An International Research Study! 1

Objecting to a cell site about to be installed in front of a home, five years ago today more than 100 people petitioned Glendale City Council for better zoning protection. In April 2010, after a cell site moratorium, various official hearings and two sets of public meetings, city council enacted a new wireless ordinance that provided greater notices and protections for residential areas of Glendale.[…]


Cell antennas, phones and Wi-Fi: what you need to know to protect your family – September 2 in Woodland Hills 4

A free talk on health effects of wireless technology, and what families can do, September 2 in Woodland Hills, as Glendale and other Southern California communities have expressed concern about wireless installations.

LA Neighborhood Councils Push Action on Wireless Installations While Working with City on Budget Crisis

Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils call for continued funding of their operations, and a new wireless ordinance offering protection for residential areas and public right-of-way installations.