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The Interactive Age

Reflecting on six years of publishing Sunroom Desk, established October 28, 2008, and on Michael J. Arlen’s Book The Camera Age, published in 1981: Among my goals in creating this site: experiencing the shift to online publishing (✓); reviewing books with local angles (✓). In 2008, most people read blogs […]

SCAG Plan Budgets Billions for More Freeways:
A Sustainable Communities Strategy?

SCAG 2012 Regional Transportation Plan: more trucks, more freeways, more pollution, instead of electrified rail for goods movement.

Femtocells: Pay Extra for Wireless Reception,
Potential Home Health Hazard,
As New Study Shows Reasons for Concern

New research on cell towers shows link to health effects as wireless carriers push for more sites and offer femtocells.