Need Transportation Options? Glendale TMA Survey+Raffle for Commuters February 10-23, Walk Bike Glendale Meeting

Help design an online tool for local commuters: take the survey just released by Glendale Transportation Management Associates, a local nonprofit. Survey participants will be entered in a raffle drawing for $300 in prizes. The five-minute survey is open Monday, February 10 through Sunday, February 23.

Attend Walk Bike Glendale’s monthly steering committee meeting February 10, 7pm. You don’t have to be a member to attend. The committee will be sharing results of its strategic planning retreat and recent work with the city on topics such as Ciclavia, applying for Active Transportation Program funding and the Pedestrian Safety Task Force […]

LZstation bench


Driving Less in Glendale? 1

Americans are driving less. Its a national trend, and although first noted around the time of the 2008 Great Recession, the economy is likely not the “driving” factor as it continues. Here in Glendale, driving delays associated with the downtown building boom have affected my local travel. I’ve decided to walk, park far away and then walk, or walk to take the Beeline then walk a bit more, to avoid driving in traffic.

Freeways v. Transit, Goods Movement v. Air Quality: Spending Priorities Are Key

Freeways v. Transit, Goods Movement v. Air Quality: Congress H.R. 7 and SCAG Draft 2012 RTP

21st-Century Transit Solutions and Political Will: Bike-Friendly Success and Tunnel-Friendly Failure 4

Glendale, California contrasts: bike-friendly ideas from Long Beach welcomed as San Gabriel valley political will forces 710 tunnel progress.

High-Speed Rail for California:
Getting Plans, Support, and Funding on Track

Metropolitan Transportation Authority submits the westside extension project for federal funding, California Governor Schwarzenegger submits an application for a share of $8 billion in federal recovery funds for high-speed rail, and transportation planners discuss the necessity of integrated transportation networks and public support to build out the system.