Beyond Freeways: Commerce, Community and Contention Along Los Angeles’ 710 Corridor

From the introduction to Beyond Freeways, a four-part series: “In an era of global warming, peak oil, obesity, stress, and foundering economies, it becomes imperative to find better ways to move ourselves, and our goods, among our neighborhoods. More specifically, if we wish to keep the economy we favor in this country and remain somewhat human, we must move as much transport as possible to modes such as rail, which uses one-third the fuel and orders of magnitude less land than individual motor vehicles do to move goods and people alike.
“…This series, by environmental reporter Justin Gerdes and documentary photographer and videographer Leila Dee Dougan, will investigate the premises and promises of differing visions for the 710 corridor and its communities, and how it grew into its present form […]


Under the Paperweight, January 10-16, 2010

Pedestrian safety in Glendale, California occupied the Sunroom Desk editor’s thoughts this week; the Glendale News Press feature on the city’s track record and the announcement of a reward for information about a tragic New Year’s Eve hit and run pedestrian fatality were under the Paperweight.

Glenwood Road Median Installation Begins

Glendale, California’s Public Works Department begins Glenwood Road median installation during August 2009 to prevent jaywalking and improve pedestrian and traffic safety in the school zones of Mark Keppel Elementary, Toll Middle School, and Hoover High School.

Safe and Healthy Streets Update to City Council

Coordinator Colin Bogart presented a six-month update on Glendale, California’s Safe and Healthy Streets Program, a three-year LA County Department of Public Health PLACE (Policies for Liveable, Active Communities and Environments) Grant, to Glendale City Council. The program, along with several other initiatives in Glendale, is raising the visibility of pedestrian safety issues and urban, pedestrian and bicycling friendly design.