Specific Absorption Rate

On SF Supervisors Agenda May 7: Settling Wireless Industry Lawsuit, Rescinding Cell Phone Right to Know Law

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is scheduled to vote at its Tuesday, May 7 meeting on invalidating the municipality’s pioneering cell phone right-to-know ordinance as part of the settlement of a lawsuit filed by the wireless industry‚Äôs lobbying powerhouse CTIA (Consent Agenda Item 8). The settlement includes a waiver […]


Cell antennas, phones and Wi-Fi: what you need to know to protect your family – September 2 in Woodland Hills 4

A free talk on health effects of wireless technology, and what families can do, September 2 in Woodland Hills, as Glendale and other Southern California communities have expressed concern about wireless installations.

Radiation Warning Fallout for San Francisco;
Cell Phone Labels Proposed at Federal Level

San Francisco’s radiation labeling law for cell phones causes wireless convention fallout; Kucinich proposes federal labeling legislation.

Glendale Wireless Moratorium Ends While Burbank, Bay Area Deal with Siting and Product Controversies 6

Glendale, California wireless ordinance goes into effect; Burbank, Bay Area communities deal with wireless siting, cell phone controversies.

San Francisco Supervisors’ Committee Approves Cell Phone Radiation Labeling – Recommends to Board 3

San Francisco committee recommends legislation to Board of Supervisors requiring retailers in the city to label cell phones by radiation level or Specific Absorption Rate (SAR), and provide consumer information on minimizing cell phone radiation exposure.

SF Chronicle and Berkeley School of Public Health Researcher Call for Radiation Warnings on Cell Phones 1

San Francisco Chronicle, UC Berkeley School of Public Health researcher, endorse Mark Leno’s proposed California SB1212, requiring manufacturers to include radiation warnings on cell phones.

History of Political Wrangling Over Cell Phones Includes Tom Hayden 3

Glendale, California’s Friends of the Library program welcomes Tom Hayden as guest speaker, while Glendale Organized Against Cell Towers reviews his legislative efforts to warn consumers about cell phone health risks.