Southern California

Futuristic, Realistic Alternative to the 710 Tunnel: The GRID Project 6

Gabriel River Infrastructure Development: alternative to the 710 Tunnel Project deserves consideration.

More Pushback Against 710 Tunnel; National Group Lists It As #1 Desired Cut to Transportation Budget 1

Southern California activists and national organization Green Scissors call for action against 710 Tunnel project proposal.

Tree Planting Interlude Between LA Street Summit and May Bike Month + Oxy Alum’s Success in NYC

New York City Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan’s appearance at Occidental College and the LA Street Summit featured in several local blogs, and on Glendale, California’s Safe and Healthy Streets webpage.

Another 2010 Initiatives Forum Next Week in Pasadena with Speakers Hiltzik and Stern 1

Michael Hiltzik and Robert Stern will discuss pros and cons of various state political reform initiatives likely to be on the 2010 ballot at local ACLU meeting November 10.

Excellent Summary of Cell Tower Issues in
Regional Coalition Comment to FCC

Residents Engaged Against Cell Towers, a Southern California regional coalition including Glendale’s group GOACT, submitted a comprehensive list of concerns to the FCC as a comment for its National Broadband Plan.