On Many Agendas: Goods Movement Projects and Plans

U.S. Truck Traffic Flows 2007 - Source: USDOG

Goods movement is a hot topic now in Southern California, and at state and national levels. The Los Angeles City Council will vote May 8 on the Southern California International Gateway Project (SCIG), approved by the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners, but now disfavored by the Long Beach Board of Harbor Commissioners, which joined […]

Vision Stalled: Port Plans Fall Short with Residents, Environmental Groups

SCIG project falls short with community, environmental groups, zero-emission vision.

Port Community Coalitions Appeal to Warren Buffet on BNSF Expansion

No 710 Action Committee Urges Electrified Rail, Environmental Justice in Regional Transportation Plan

No 710 Action Committee urges electrified rail, environmental justice, in goods movement projects for Southern California.