SB 375

Transportation Plans Around, Through Glendale…

The upcoming Glendale Mayor’s Ride 2014, taking place November 8 and starting at 9:30am, will highlight major transportation projects now being studied or in the works, including the Glendale Narrows Riverwalk. Major road, rail, and river transformations are planned, and big things are happening now, though it seems as if […]


Sustainability, Quality of Life: Goals Outlined at Regional SB 375 Summit 5

Southern California Association of Governments held a joint meeting December 3, 2009 with former state governors, speaker Karen Bass, Air Resources Board Chair Mary Nichols and many transportation and business community leaders to discuss concerns about implementing California’s Sustainable Communities Stragegy – SB375.

Notes from The Women’s Conference; and a Noted Woman on California’s Climate Change Program 1

Notes from the October 2009 California Women’s Conference panel discussion on leadership with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sheila Bair, Sir Richard Branson, and Robin Roberts; and from Mary Nichols’ article on California’s Climate Change Program.

Transportation Planning and Funding Under California Sustainable Communities Bill SB 375

Business and government officials explore the transportation planning implications of SB 375, the California sustainable communities bill with greenhouse gas reduction guidelines at Mobility 21, a Southern California transportation summit.