Planning Commission

GRID, Living Streets Model, America Fast Forward: Getting Southern California, U.S. Back on Track

Transportation infrastructure for Southern California, U.S.: ideas for freight movement, biking, walking, transit need funding and support.

San Francisco Residents Win Against Clearwire; Oakland Residents Lose Against Verizon,
Take Fight to the Streets and UC Berkeley

California cell tower battles: success in San Francisco, setback in Oakland while residents take to streets and academia to press their case.

Glendale Wireless Moratorium Ends While Burbank, Bay Area Deal with Siting and Product Controversies 6

Glendale, California wireless ordinance goes into effect; Burbank, Bay Area communities deal with wireless siting, cell phone controversies.

Glendale City Council To Review Wireless Ordinance at April 6 Meeting

Glendale, California will consider a new ordinance regulating installations of wireless telecommunications facilities on private property and along the public right-of-way at its April 6, 2010 city council meeting.

Update for Glendale Homeowners on
Wireless Ordinance

Glendale, California group advises homeowners on next steps to ensure protective ordinance regulating cell site installations in residential areas.