Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality: Insights from Glendale’s 2009 Cell Tower Controversy

The FCC’s failed 2009 attempt to enact net neutrality occurred as the City of Glendale was updating its wireless facility citing rules. Covering developments and exploring the issues in context, I observed that net neutrality supports the expansion and commercial viability of wireless networks. Wireless networks are limited by bandwidth […]


FCC Chair To Wireless Industry: Commission
Will Act Soon on Municipal Siting Restrictions

FCC Chair Julius Genachowski promises quick action on the wireless industry “shot clock” petition restricting municipal zoning rights; Glendale, California and other cities are lined up to oppose the petition.

Under the Paperweight, May 17-30, 2009

Changing Media, under the Sunroom Desk Paperweight, explores telecommunications and broadband technology deployment, equal and open access to information, and the future of journalism.