Neighborhood Councils

Cell Tower Siting Controversies in Los Angeles:
Interview with Paul Krekorian, LA Council District 2

Sunroom Desk interview with LA City Councilmember Paul Krekorian on cell site regulations in Los Angeles.

Objections Piling Up at LA City Hall As
New Cell Sites Proliferate Without Notice

Cell sites continue to proliferate along public right-of-ways in Los Angeles with little notice or regulation, as citizens cite Glendale, California ordinance as possible model for reform.

LA Neighborhood Councils Push Action on Wireless Installations While Working with City on Budget Crisis

Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils call for continued funding of their operations, and a new wireless ordinance offering protection for residential areas and public right-of-way installations.

Sunland-Tujunga NC Land Use Committee Joins 24 LANCs Calling for Wireless Moratorium;
Glendale Wireless Ordinance Hearing Tonight

More Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils call for a moratorium on wireless installations and a new ordinance; Glendale, California finalizes its wireless ordinance tonight at a Planning Commission hearing.

Under the Paperweight, December 6-12, 2009

Paul Krekorian’s LA City Council win, special-interest campaign spending by the union representing the LA Department of Water and Power, and the existing city council’s vote last week to raise DWP wages.