The Interactive Age

Reflecting on six years of publishing Sunroom Desk, established October 28, 2008, and on Michael J. Arlen’s Book The Camera Age, published in 1981: Among my goals in creating this site: experiencing the shift to online publishing (✓); reviewing books with local angles (✓). In 2008, most people read blogs […]

Marketing, Media, and the Internet Revolution:
Godin and Kramer at Latest Drucker Business Forums

Sunroom Desk Glendale, California editor attends Drucker Business Forum events: excerpts from Huffington, Godin, and Kramer talks.

Youth Use Media and Social Networking 7+ Hrs/Day:
Besides Bad Messages, What’s Being Absorbed?

New worries about new media: youth use of cell phones and mobile devices which emit radiation; San Francisco considers legislation deterring children’s cell phone use.