LA Times

SCAG Plan Budgets Billions for More Freeways:
A Sustainable Communities Strategy?

SCAG 2012 Regional Transportation Plan: more trucks, more freeways, more pollution, instead of electrified rail for goods movement.

Radiation Warning Fallout for San Francisco;
Cell Phone Labels Proposed at Federal Level

San Francisco’s radiation labeling law for cell phones causes wireless convention fallout; Kucinich proposes federal labeling legislation.

Under the Paperweight, January 17-23, 2010 1

Paperweight links missing quotes last week from Glendale, California’s Congressional Representative Adam Schiff, 29th District, on the Senate health care reform bill.

Youth Use Media and Social Networking 7+ Hrs/Day:
Besides Bad Messages, What’s Being Absorbed?

New worries about new media: youth use of cell phones and mobile devices which emit radiation; San Francisco considers legislation deterring children’s cell phone use.

Are Cellular Providers Using Add-on Fees to
Fight Local Government Restrictions?

Glendale Organized Against Cell Towers receives email from regional coalition member citing cellular providers’ rising monthly service fees to recoup business costs. Are these fees used to overcome local government resistance to neighborhood wireless installations?