Bureaucracy, Structural Deficits, Job Creation: Notes from Glendale Meeting and Beutner Interview

Notes from Glendale, California political forum for 43rd District Assembly candidates; Drucker Business Forum interview with Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Austin Beutner.

Glendale Holds Final Hearing on Wireless Ordinance; Los Angeles Holds Residents’ Petitions in Limbo 2

Glendale, California’s quick action to establish a new wireless ordinance contrasted with Los Angeles and LA DWP’s inaction.

No Advance Notification: LA Homeowners Finding Cell Towers Next to Them Almost Overnight 3

Glendale, California residents have an opportunity to head off stealth installations of cell towers that are taking place in Los Angeles by urging city council to enact a strong wireless ordinance.

LAUSD Calls for Increased Setbacks, Advance Notification on Locations Near Schools 1

Los Angeles Unified School District passes resolution calling for greater setbacks, advance notification for cell tower installations, and condemns T-Mobile cell tower installation across from Taper Avenue Elementary School in San Pedro.

The Southern California Joint Pole Committee: Another Workaround for Wireless Providers 5

Dissatisfaction with rising DWP rates and salaries, and frustration with the inability to identify decisionmakers approving wireless installations on existing utility poles marked Saturday’s Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition meeting.