Jonathan Kramer

AB 162 Off California Assembly Calendar (for 2013)

Updates from former City of Glendale wireless siting consultant Jonathan Kramer: Assembly Bill 162 Pulled – Will Not Come Back Until At Least 2014 AB 162 has been pulled from this year’s legislative calender… AB 162 is not dead; merely pushed to next year’s legislative calendar. In the update below, […]



Proposed Assembly Bill Would Override Key Provisions of Glendale’s Protective Wireless Ordinance 4

I’ve received a copy of Assembly Member Holden’s Fact Sheet on AB 162, which has been christened the “Broadband Expansion Act.” I’ve rechristened it the “Wireless Industry Gift and Public Exclusion Act of 2013.”   The quote above opens former consultant to the city of Glendale Jonathan Kramer’s alert on […]

Glendale Wireless Moratorium Ends While Burbank, Bay Area Deal with Siting and Product Controversies 6

Glendale, California wireless ordinance goes into effect; Burbank, Bay Area communities deal with wireless siting, cell phone controversies.

Glendale Ordinance Maneuvers Within
Federal and State Laws

Glendale, California does its homework and has an expert understanding of federal and state laws, and court rulings, that affect local control over wireless facilities siting. The city held the first of three community meetings to discuss its new draft wireless ordinance.