Glendale Organized Against Cell Towers

Glendale Opposition to Cell Towers: Five Years Later, An International Research Study! 1

Objecting to a cell site about to be installed in front of a home, five years ago today more than 100 people petitioned Glendale City Council for better zoning protection. In April 2010, after a cell site moratorium, various official hearings and two sets of public meetings, city council enacted a new wireless ordinance that provided greater notices and protections for residential areas of Glendale.[…]


New York Times Quotes San Francisco Advocate: Glendale Wireless Ordinance Is California Model

Glendale, California ordinance is cited by other California communities as a model for better wireless infrastructure regulation.

Wireless Issues Resource Page Offers Links to Hearings, Reports, Rulings, Policy Issues

As Glendale, California enacts a new wireless ordinance, Sunroom Desk blog updates links to community reports, staff research, government hearings, and other resources on wireless facility siting issues.

GOACT Issues Revised Report to Residents
Approving Proposed Wireless Ordinance

Glendale, California group Glendale Organized Against Cell Towers issues report recommending support of Glendale’s new wireless ordinance at city council hearing April 6, 2010.

Glendale City Council To Review Wireless Ordinance at April 6 Meeting

Glendale, California will consider a new ordinance regulating installations of wireless telecommunications facilities on private property and along the public right-of-way at its April 6, 2010 city council meeting.

Update for Glendale Homeowners on
Wireless Ordinance

Glendale, California group advises homeowners on next steps to ensure protective ordinance regulating cell site installations in residential areas.

Notes from Wednesday Glendale Planning Commission Hearing on Wireless Ordinance 2

Glendale, California Planning Commission approves zoning amendments to the city’s wireless ordinance, hears testimony on public right-of-way wireless installations.

Sunland-Tujunga NC Land Use Committee Joins 24 LANCs Calling for Wireless Moratorium;
Glendale Wireless Ordinance Hearing Tonight

More Los Angeles Neighborhood Councils call for a moratorium on wireless installations and a new ordinance; Glendale, California finalizes its wireless ordinance tonight at a Planning Commission hearing.