Get the Cell Out

San Francisco Caves to T-Mobile, Sets Bad Precedent; LA Council Committee Considers New Wireless Rules; Consortium Asks Congress to Change FCC Guidelines

Reports on wireless siting policy battles in Los Angeles and San Francisco; coalition calls for change in FCC wireless exposure guidelines.

Krekorian Supports Review of Sherman Oaks T-Mobile Site; Neighborhood Council Backs Objections to Site 2

Paul Krekorian meets with Sherman Oaks constituents on contested T-Mobile site, supports investigation, new installation rules.

Sherman Oaks Land Use Committee Passes Cell Site Resolution; Krekorian’s Office Lends Support

Sherman Oaks takes up cell site controversy; Krekorian’s office engages with residents, city attorney to craft better notification, oversight.

Cell Tower Siting Controversies in Los Angeles:
Interview with Paul Krekorian, LA Council District 2

Sunroom Desk interview with LA City Councilmember Paul Krekorian on cell site regulations in Los Angeles.

New York City, San Francisco Consider
Stricter Regulation of Cell Sites

New York, San Francisco consider cell site regulations; LA neighborhood protests 52 ft. tower; Glendale ordinance discourages residential installations.