Net Neutrality: Insights from Glendale’s 2009 Cell Tower Controversy

The FCC’s failed 2009 attempt to enact net neutrality occurred as the City of Glendale was updating its wireless facility citing rules. Covering developments and exploring the issues in context, I observed that net neutrality supports the expansion and commercial viability of wireless networks. Wireless networks are limited by bandwidth […]


Excellent Summary of Cell Tower Issues in
Regional Coalition Comment to FCC

Residents Engaged Against Cell Towers, a Southern California regional coalition including Glendale’s group GOACT, submitted a comprehensive list of concerns to the FCC as a comment for its National Broadband Plan.

Under the Paperweight, May 17-30, 2009

Changing Media, under the Sunroom Desk Paperweight, explores telecommunications and broadband technology deployment, equal and open access to information, and the future of journalism.

FCC Asks for Broadband Policy Input
– Free Press Responds

FCC’s call for public input on national broadband policy is met with Free Press book release on public interest policies. The document calls for open internet access, changes in telecommunications policy, and exploration of different models for future public interest journalism.

Under the Paperweight Today: How Politics Has Slowed U.S. Broadband Deployment

Glendale, California and other communities throughout the country don’t have a world-class broadband system because the current regulatory structure, and the cooperation of politicians with telecom interests, have impeded progress.