Thursday Happenings: Riverwalk Groundbreaking, Election Results, 710 Deadline, Fritz Coleman, & More

Full schedule of events in Glendale for Thursday, April 14, plus telecom policy talks in Pasadena and Mountain View.

California Council on Science and Technology Studies Health Impacts of Smart Meters 3

CCST finds no conclusive studies linking smart meter emissions, health effects; lists such studies in Unsolicited Submissions.

EMF Safety Network Files Appeal on Smart Meters;
Consumer Groups File Smart Meter Privacy Concerns

EMF Safety Network files smart meter appeal with CPUC; state consumer groups say utilities are responsible for customer privacy.

Marin County Enacts Moratorium on Smart Meters; “Small Markets” Like Glendale Forging Ahead 1

Marin County enacts smart meter moratorium, San Luis Obispo county considers one, and Glendale forges ahead with installations.

New Permit Process for Public Right-of-Way Wireless Facilities Goes to San Francisco Board of Supervisors 1

San Francisco residents urge restrictions, oversight of public right-of-way wireless antenna installations; new rules go to Board of Supervisors.