Glendale’s Skyline and Sunroom Desk’s Anniversary

I placed Sunroom Desk online just as the 2008 financial crisis hit, and real estate and construction went dormant in Glendale and across the nation. My first post was a reflection on the large number of Halloween costume shops temporarily occupying vacant retail spaces in downtown Glendale. Five years later…this […]

Southeast corner of Orange St. at Wilson Ave.

Industry Speaks™ U.S./Canada Portal for Architects, Engineers and Construction Firms, Based in Glendale

Industry Speaks, based in Glendale, serves architect and design firms in the U.S. and Canada.

Planning Execs and Northwest Homeowners Board Discuss Design Review, Local Eyesores, Public Input

Glendale, California Planning Department discusses its Design Review Board procedures and policies, code enforcement, local problem projects, and upcoming study sessions with northwest Glendale homeowners.