Cell Phones

Reducing Exposure to Wireless Radiation

While working with a citizens’ group to protect Glendale residential zones from the proliferation of wireless facilities, I came across several studies that raised questions about the long-term health impacts of wireless technology. I ended up changing how I used wireless devices in several ways. This post describes how I changed my use of wireless devices, and links to two other sites that suggest how to reduce exposure to wireless frequencies.



FCC Replies to RF Exposure Guideline Revisions Due
November 1

The FCC has received more than 750 comments on its Notice of Inquiry (NOI) released March 29, 2013, on RF exposure limits and policies (set in 1997). The American Academy of Pediatrics weighed in by the deadline, calling for a review of exposure guidelines for children (the Notice of Inquiry […]

FCC Seeks Comment on Radio Frequency Exposure Limits

Are radio frequency emission exposure guidelines in the U.S. adequate to protect public health over the long-term? Is it safe to live near a cell tower? Is it safe to talk on a cell phone for extended periods of time? Is continuous exposure to wi-fi in our homes, schools, workplaces, […]


Healthy Building Practices: Certified Consultant Advises Reducing Electro-Magnetic Field Exposure 1

Building BiologyTM Environmental Inspector evaluates building wiring and electromagnetic field exposure; talk in South Pasadena.

Cell Phone Radiation Warning Redux: Topic on State Senate Floor, Conflict for International Panel 2

Cell phone radiation concerns: action soon on California Senate floor, International Agency for Research on Cancer experts convene.

California Council on Science and Technology Studies Health Impacts of Smart Meters 3

CCST finds no conclusive studies linking smart meter emissions, health effects; lists such studies in Unsolicited Submissions.