Board of Supervisors

Marin County Enacts Moratorium on Smart Meters; “Small Markets” Like Glendale Forging Ahead 1

Marin County enacts smart meter moratorium, San Luis Obispo county considers one, and Glendale forges ahead with installations.

New York City, San Francisco Consider
Stricter Regulation of Cell Sites

New York, San Francisco consider cell site regulations; LA neighborhood protests 52 ft. tower; Glendale ordinance discourages residential installations.

Radiation Warning Fallout for San Francisco;
Cell Phone Labels Proposed at Federal Level

San Francisco’s radiation labeling law for cell phones causes wireless convention fallout; Kucinich proposes federal labeling legislation.

San Francisco Delays Cell Phone Radiation Labeling Vote; Supervisors Discuss Industry Lobbying Effort 2

San Francisco Board of Supervisors delays cell phone radiation labeling vote by one week, as members cite intense lobbying effort.

San Francisco Public Safety Committee Calls on EPA, FCC, Congress to Review Cell Tower Guidelines

San Francisco Public Safety Committee forwards to Board of Supervisors a resolution calling on EPA, FCC, and Congress to study health impacts of wireless facilities, joining Glendale, California and other municipalities who have sent in resolutions on this subject.

Cell Phone Safety Resolution Will Go to
San Francisco Board of Supervisors

San Francisco Commission on the Environment approves cell phone safety warning measures, and forwards resolution calling for federal, state and local action to Board of Supervisors.