Officials Against SR-710 Tunnel Option Will Hold Press Conference Ahead of Metro Meeting Saturday in Pasadena

Residents from 18 communities and local elected officials will hold a press conference and meeting Saturday, July 20th, 8:45am at Blair High School in Pasadena to rally against the SR-710 freeway tunnel option now being studied by Metro. Invited speakers are Pasadena Mayor Bill Bogaard, South Pasadena Mayor Richard Schneider, […]



Driving Less in Glendale? 1

Americans are driving less. Its a national trend, and although first noted around the time of the 2008 Great Recession, the economy is likely not the “driving” factor as it continues. Here in Glendale, driving delays associated with the downtown building boom have affected my local travel. I’ve decided to walk, park far away and then walk, or walk to take the Beeline then walk a bit more, to avoid driving in traffic.