Getting Trucks Off Local Freeways:
LA2050 Grant Entry Needs Votes by September 16

A diverse team of innovators has spent years working on an advanced harbor freight handling project with the ultimate goal of putting as many cargo containers as possible onto trains for transport — including a patent-pending all-electric underground shuttle train for local deliveries in Los Angeles. Most of this freight now goes onto trucks that dominate local freeways, jam surface streets, pollute the air, depress public health (especially in poorer communities), and contribute to bad accidents and traffic delays. Green Rail Intelligent Development (GRID) is a proposed urban goods movement container supply chain network that would be a big step toward a cleaner, healthier, and safer region.

GRID is entered in a competition for one of ten LA2050 grants of $100,000 each. The grant would fund a feasibility study needed to convince venture capitalists that GRID would provide a good ROI, and move the project towards actual design and construction. Details on how the grant would help, and on GRID itself, are on GRID’s LA2050’s project page. Visit the link, where you can vote for GRID to be one of the ten grant winners. (Note from the organizers: It does require creating an account, but LA2050 has nothing to sell and will not spam you.)

Votes will be accepted only until September 16th, so visit the link and learn more today!