Glendale Business Advisor One of Hollywood Film Partners – Travel to Yerevan on Film Business, and a World Cup Tie-In


Prolific Hollywood TV and film actor Ken Davitian, producer Arsen Bagdasaryan, and Glendale-based finance professional Ara Kachadourian have formed a new company, Hollywood Film Partners, which will seek to bring feature film production to Armenia.

Kachadourian is active in the Glendale community and with Glendale Young Professionals. He advises and consults with businesses on matters from capital structuring to investment, lending and expansion. His clients include high net-worth families, middle market firms including those in start-up or growth stages, and businesses in technology, entertainment, health care and energy sectors.

His partners Davitian and Bagdasaryan are traveling this July to Yerevan, Armenia. Along with scouting locations for their green-lit film project “Cloud Band,” they will also explore other film projects and the opportunity to build a major film studio in Armenia. Davitian says, “This is show business – movies wouldn’t be made if they didn’t make money. Such projects in Armenia are an investment opportunity for people who have the money!”

“Hollywood Film Partners and my involvement came together as a result of collaboration with Ken Davitian and Arsen Bagdasaryan,” said Kachadourian. “We each bring a unique perspective to the venture from producing, promoting, and involvement in feature film making. My background with 15 years in the finance sector plays a big role in that I am involved with capital structuring, business development and investor relations. The entertainment finance sector is a very complex business, and requires someone who knows how to bring parties together and structure an arrangement which benefits all parties – from production team to distribution, investor to talent.”

Kachadourian is enthusiastic about the possibilities: “With the advent of diverse technology platforms, independent film making has grown exponentially. I see this as an opportunity to bring the creative and business sides together. Also, with the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide upon us, now is the time for us to tell our story in a dignified manner, honoring the memory of our 1,500,000 martyrs. The art of film making allows us to tell that story in a meaningful manner. Hollywood Film Partners and our team aspires to accomplish such a worthy endeavor.

“Our goal is not only to succeed in these endeavors but to pave the way for future Armenian participation in the entertainment industry whether it be in the U.S. or Armenia.”

Davitian traPosterTheFinalGameveled in advance to Belgium, where he is filming an Artists for Peace anti-racism video, scheduled for release on YouTube July 6, to coincide with the World Cup final match. “The Final Game” is an original video collaboration of FMS Media and Artists for Peace.

After the video shoot, Davitian heads to Armenia with producer Arsen Bagdasaryan from Hollywood Film Partners to scout locations for “Cloud Band.”Arriving one week ahead of Yerevan’s Golden Apricot Film Festival, Davitian has plans to do a few classes there for film students, directors and producers. His goal is to introduce the Hollywood film industry to Armenia, and to open the doors for collaboration.

This Asbarez feature has details about Hollywood Film Partners’ studio building project, “Cloud Band”, and “The Final Game”.