Reducing Exposure to Wireless Radiation


WirelessCardStopSmartMetersWhile working with a citizens’ group to protect Glendale residential zones from the proliferation of wireless facilities, I came across several studies that raised questions about the long-term health impacts of wireless technology. Those concerned about this issue are pushing for a cautious approach to wireless technology.

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I’ve changed how I use wireless devices in several ways:

  • I got rid of all household cordless phones and only use wired phones.
  • I refuse promotional offers to switch landline to lower cost wireless transmitter service
  • I relocated our home router away from our living/working areas
  • I use an ethernet connection (a long cord!) to the router for my computer
  • I disable the router’s wireless signal when no one needs it
  • I keep my PC’s wireless transmitter off, so it isn’t constantly seeking a signal
  • I unplug the household router at night when no one needs it
  • I communicate primarily via text instead of voice on my cell phone

An added benefit: many of the steps I’ve taken save energy as well.

For those interested, here are two online resources suggesting ways to reduce exposure to wireless frequencies: