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SR710F7XAA_Page_2An update on the SR-710 North Extension study (including the proposed freeway tunnel linking the 710 to the 210) is on the agenda of the California Transportation Commission (CTC) meeting in Riverside this Wednesday, December 11th.

Members of the No 710 Action Committee have gathered more than 1,100 signatures to date on a petition calling on Governor Jerry Brown, the CTC and elected officials to Remove the F7-X Tunnel Alternative from SR-710 North EIR/EIS in Favor of Better, more Fiscally and Environmentally Responsible Solutions.

While the tunnel route isn’t within Glendale, if it is eventually approved (the EIR is scheduled for release in Spring 2014), the 134/210 interchange will be adversely impacted during excavation and construction, as will streets providing access to Old Town Pasadena (think 405). Further, a tunnel will direct more regional truck and vehicle traffic onto the 210 and 134 freeways. The No 710 Action Committee is urging alternative investments in Transportation System Management / Transportation Demand Management (TSM / TDM), Bus Rapid Transit and Light Rail, individually or in combination, instead of a freeway tunnel.

Check out and consider signing the No 710 Action Committee petition on

2 thoughts on “Petition Asks for Better Alternatives to Freeway Tunnel Linking 710 to 210

  • Susan Bolan

    Check this out, fellow residents of Glendale. The effects of building a 4.9-mile tunnel (6.3-miles total project length) in Pasadena, will reach well into and beyond the City of Glendale. Metro and Caltrans project a 4x increase in traffic to the area with ventilation structures right at the 134 and 210 junction. Not to mention a decade of dirt trucked out on the 210, then trucked back in for fill. Get the facts and sign the petition at

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