3D Printing and the “Maker Movement” October 24,
Plus New Space Planned at the Glendale Central Library


3DPrinting24October2013I’m looking forward to the 3D Printing event at the Glendale Public Library October 24, and hoping many others come to hear about how this technology can be used. Joan Horvath, VP of Business Development at the Pasadena-based 3D printer company Deezmaker, is the presenter. She is President of the MIT Class of 1981, VP Communications of the MIT Club of Southern California and a member of the Executive Committee of the Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum. The flyer says “Come early (at 6:30pm) and view a display of 3D printed objects.”

As Huffington Post reported in June 2013, “DIY” applications of craft skills and technology are increasingly popular, and “Libraries and museums are being turned into ‘Makerspaces,’ physical locations where people can come together to make.” This doesn’t supplant the institutions’ primary offerings (content in the form of art, books or other media). It does add another dimension (!) for intellectual exploration.

A “maker space” was just approved and incorporated into the renovation plans for the Glendale Central Library last week.