Forgotten Heroes Exhibit Worth Seeing Before It Leaves Glendale Central Library – Last Day October 19


FeaturedEvents_ForgottenHeroes_100413_Flyer I finally saw this moving exhibit at the Glendale Central Library. It has been traveling around the country and its stop in Glendale is from October 4-19. There’s still time to see it and learn about the Légion Arménienne, formed during the darkest days of World War I with volunteer fighters and leaders of the Armenian Diaspora.

The exhibit notes that “the brave men who volunteered to risk their lives in a struggle for their people’s political and human rights ultimately failed. Betrayed by the Allies, the Armenians were unable to achieve any redress for their tremendous losses of life and property. Yet the brave and dedicated Armenian Legionnaires join the ranks of those who, throughout history, have struggled to advance the cause of justice and freedom.”

The program is organized by the Library Arts & Culture Department and the Armenian Studies Program, California State University, Northridge, and is cosponsored by the United Armenian Council of Los Angeles and the Armenian Museum of America. The exhibit has been made possible by the generosity of Aurora Adajian Lehmann and the Honorable Jacob Adajian in fond memory of their legionnaire father, Serop Adajian of Kheder Beg, Musa Dagh.