Stocked Up on Reusable Bags?

Glendale Memorial Hospital and Medical Center - event sponsor

Glendale Memorial Hospital and Medical Center - event sponsorGo to free events with exhibitors, pay 50 cents for a Glendale public works reusable bag, or take advantage of retailer promotions and pretty soon the bags accumulate. I got one free from the local Ralphs store last week because my purchase totaled more than $20.

Glendale’s plastic bag ban is in effect as of today for large retailers. Be prepared when you go shopping!

I keep two sets in the car (4-5 bags each folded inside of a bag), a few on a hook by the back door, and others in storage. It didn’t take long to get into the habit of using them. Folding them up and placing them back in the car or on a hook is actually simpler than collapsing and stashing flimsy plastic bags.

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