Physicians for Social Responsibility Against I-710 Expansion: Petition Deadline September 27

From Physicians for Social Responsibility’s petition page (want to sign? deadline is September 27) on the I-710 widening project EIR:

I am concerned that the Alternatives presented in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for the I-710 Corridor Project fall short of providing a long-term solution to the project area’s congestion, air quality impacts and travel demands…Caltrans should select Community Alternative 7, which:

1) Addresses the congestion of the project by taking into account a comprehensive public transportation system that serves the travel demands of the communities in the area. Just like the project intends to shift truck traffic from other freeways, public transportation can do the same for general travel demands. We can achieve emission reduction by simply having fewer cars on our roads.

2) Mandates for the project to include a committed zero-emission freight corridor that is paid for by the private and public sectors, and employer operated to facilitate the movement of trucks.

3) Integrates and protects our natural resources as it includes restoration of the natural river functions, including recreational trails, restored wetlands, continuous fish migration corridors, and native landscaping. Any I- 710 project must remove barriers to neighborhood access to the river via improved walk and bike trail networks.

4) Includes a pedestrian and bicycle element in the project for adequate and safe bicycling and pedestrian infrastructure for the residents in this corridor. These are low cost improvements that are vital to providing a full range of transportation options to residents and increase our energy independence while mitigating harmful emissions.

5) Includes community benefits such as double-pane windows, air filtration systems, landscaping of green spaces and other benefits.