Amy Goldman Koss’ Award-Winning Books for Teens 1

Poison Ivy
Side Effects
The Girls
The Not-So-Great Depression

…and there are more great books for teen readers published by Amy Goldman Koss (I counted 15 cover images on her book page – check them out!).

Koss lives in Glendale, loves books and kids, knows how to entertain her audiences, and in her spare time volunteers as a member of the Friends of the Glendale Public Library Board.

Poison Ivy, which was also translated and published in Korean, was the 2009 One Book/One Glendale choice for teenagers, and Koss engaged a packed audience of schoolchildren who came to hear more about the book at the Glendale Public Library event. The book’s conflict centers on bullying and justice in a school setting, and Koss spoke directly to these issues and the serious problems they pose for kids.

The Girls, which has won multiple awards, adopts many points of view as it follows the thoughts and actions of a group of “friends” who are either in or out of a clique depending on the whims of manipulative members. Side Effects follows a girl’s cancer diagnosis and treatment, as she observes the emotions and behavior of family, friends, classmates, and medical professionals.

And The Not-So-Great Depression adopts a teenage girl’s viewpoint on life changes brought about by a recession, a parent’s job loss, and family financial stress.

These books depict kids struggling with problems that the adults around them cannot easily solve, and give a voice and a lift to young readers observing or struggling with similar issues.

In addition to her service with the Glendale Library, Koss is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, the Children’s Authors Network, and the Children’s Literature Council of Southern California Readers.

Editor’s Note: The book stack is starting to shrink and summer is almost over! These books are now on the blog’s virtual Glendale Bookshelf. It is still summer – get your teen a copy of one for a quick read before school starts.

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