Herbert Hoover High School Band Heads to Iowa for Hoover Library’s 50th Celebration

This Saturday, the Hoover High Tornadoes Marching Band performs at the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library.
Seen above yesterday practicing on the Hoover field, they will arrive at Union Station today, and board the Amtrak Southwest Chief to Chicago. There, buses provided by the library will take them to West Branch, IA.

Friday is a rehearsal day, with social activities planned by the library, and Saturday the band performs in the morning, at a midday parade, and at an afternoon concert, then joins in evening celebrations.

President of the Tornado Band booster club Michael Risner, who donated an equipment truck which was equipped and “wrapped” by Lexus of Glendale, will be driving the band’s instruments from California to Iowa and back. Risner will be leaving earlier and arriving later and plans brief layovers in Grand Junction, Colorado and Lincoln, Nebraska.

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