Crooked Little Birdhouse 3

Patrick Caneday
Published via CreateSpace, 2011
Paperback, 190 pages, $15.00

This April’s Friends of the Glendale Public Library authors panel included Times Community News columnist Patrick Caneday, who discussed how his writing career began and how he self-published this book. A thematic collection of his columns, Crooked Little Birdhouse cover many topics. His literal perspective is on the Verdugos, where he went to school, and where he shops, works, and lives.

From Glenoaks Elementary to the Burbank Pavillions on Alameda, Caneday writes as if the reader is traveling with him, honestly discussing his work, writing, family, friends, religion and more. Although the title essay is a metaphor for the imperfect structures we build, Caneday writes directly through it to explore connections, discover grace, and create hope.

I enjoyed this book particularly because of its local perspective, but its appeal isn’t limited to this region. His columns and this book are deserving of a broad audience.

Check out Patrick Caneday’s website for more information about the book and his writing.

Editor’s Note: Keeping to a schedule! This is the fourth book picked up from my stack of 2012 summer reading material, read with enjoyment, and placed on Sunroom Desk’s virtual Glendale Bookshelf.

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