The Geographer’s Wife – Poems

by Bart Edelman
2012, Red Hen Press, Pasadena
Paperback, 118 pages, $19.95
available from Red Hen Press

Bart Edelman is a professor of English at Glendale Community College, where he edits Eclipse, A Literary Journal. This is his sixth published poetry collection; he presented it at the Glendale Central Library in late April.

The constraints of geography, borders, locations, journeys, vehicles, and baggage are subjects of these poems. Promotions of this collection don’t feature my favorite, titled The Wrong Side of Tomorrow, which evokes the archetypal ‘wrong side of the tracks.’ The poet doesn’t dwell on a location here; instead he writes about movement along train tracks, a predetermined path that precludes a different tomorrow from dawning.

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Editor’s Note: This is the third book picked up from my stack of 2012 summer reading material, read with enjoyment, and then placed on Sunroom Desk’s virtual Glendale Bookshelf. Happy summer reading!