Living Beyond Organic

Christina Avaness
2009, Tiara Publishing
Hardcover, 242 pages with index, $24.95
Available from

Super Enzyme Foods, their alkalizing effects, foods to avoid (including some – like apples – most people consider ‘healthy’) and recipes are included in this unique nutrition and lifestyle guide by Glendale resident Christina Avaness.

Avaness took on this subject in a big way, researching herbal/food remedies to improve her family’s health following her husband’s heart attack. Her husband, daughters and Avaness herself experienced renewed health by following the practices she describes in the book.

I heard her speak about “living beyond organic” about a year after her book had been published. Beaming, fit, and passionate about her topic, Avaness was an inspiration. I’m glad the Glendale Public Library had her as a guest author, and I’m still glad bought the book. It is a great resource with several easy-to-browse lists.

Avaness recommends replacing “MAD” (Modern American Diet) foods with “Super” foods, and challenges readers to a 21-day diet change. I like most of the listed “Super” foods and found several replacements easy and surprisingly beneficial. Instead of peanut butter, I now use almond butter (much more alkalizing!); instead of eating apples regularly, I choose pears, pineapple, or mangos!

For coffee lovers, Avaness searched out, found, and now sells “Naturally Grown 100% Pure Papua New Guinea Arabica Coffee &ndash Rainforest Alliance Certified, Non-Acidic, Non-Dehydrating and Detoxifying”. Readers can find it on the coffee page of her extensive website

It is also stocked at a few Armenian markets around Glendale. I found it at Golden Market (near Stocker and Central). It is delicious, and I’m now a regular customer. Be sure to examine the label, as the coffee is available both in “Armenian grind” (for boiling with water) or “Drip/French press.”

If you missed Avaness’ talk at the Glendale library or in other community venues, check out her website and the book!

Editor’s Note: This is the first volume placed this summer on Sunroom Desk’s Glendale Bookshelf, dedicated to books by authors from or affiliated with Glendale. I acquired most of the books by attending author events at the Glendale Public Library. Next week’s review has a patriotic theme. Thanks for reading!