The Year of the Armenian Book in Glendale

Inspired by Catholicos Aram I’s proclamation of 2012 as The Year of the Armenian Book, I wrote The Year of the Armenian Book in Glendale (published last week in Asbarez Armenian News).

Column notes:

Armenians have prized books as a means of preserving their cultural identity, history, and spiritual heritage over the centuries.

There are three Armenian bookstores in Glendale; they actually outnumber general interest bookstores in the city that carry primarily new, English-language books.

Glendale native Paul Ignatius has published a new autobiography Now I Know in Part, which I hope to review soon on this blog. His new book tells the more personal side of his life, from childhood (he was the only Armenian-American in his 1938 Hoover High class), through WWII, family life, his return visits to Glendale in 2007 and 2010, as well as a visit to Armenia in 2006. Sunroom Desk reviewed his career memoir On Board in 2010.