International Women’s Day: Glendale and Around the World

Happy International Women’s Day! Here in Glendale, noted veteran journalist Maria Armoudian will be speaking at the library on media’s role in macro terms, but also in terms of promoting human rights. Armoudian lectures at USC, and has worked in the California legislature on issues such as corporate governance and civil rights. Check the Sunroom Desk calendar to the right for details.

BlogHer, an online network of women bloggers, commemorates today by focusing on girls who live in parts of the world where they are denied opportunities for education and often married off at very young ages. Read the full link here. Excerpt:

A growing movement of governments, business, and non-profits are working closely together to focus on how to create opportunities for education, including building more schools, training more teachers, bringing in more educational materials, supporting special needs and post-conflict situations.

…It’s clear that we all must work to ensure young girls everywhere find their rightful place in school, and save their time for marriage and other opportunities later on in life. Education is pivotal in changing, and often saving, the lives of hundreds of thousands of girls and women each year. Let us use this moment of International Women’s Day to refocus the world’s attention on education.

A Pasadena group has been promoting the book Half the Sky as a discussion tool to support efforts for girls and women around the world to gain access to education and economic opportunities. Check the Pasadena Weekly feature for more information.