Monterey 29th in California Opposing Smart Meters; GWP Sets Smart Meter, Energy Efficiency Meetings

The city of Monterey on March 1 became the 29th California municipality opposing wireless smart meter installations, joining Monterey County and many other Bay Area governments. Residents protested Tuesday and today in San Francisco against installation of the meters there.

Determined citizens insist that the federal government, California Public Utilities Commission, and industry leaders haven’t studied the health, security, and other issues surrounding the mass roll-out of smart meter wireless technology. The CPUC has dismissed citizen petitions, even as the California Division of Ratepayer Advocates has called for a substantive review. Stop Smart Meters published this review of one citizen’s campaign after Monterey’s decision.

Glendale Water and Power continues its smart meter rollout, and announced “Coffee with GWP” meetings at city parks to discuss the smart meter installations and energy efficiency programs. The first is this Saturday, March 5, at Maple Park. This GWP webpage has the complete schedule.