Glendale Announces April 6 City Council Hearing on
New Wireless Ordinance 3

Press release now on the front page of Glendale’s website:

City Council To Consider The Placement Of
Wireless Telecommunications Antennas

The Glendale City Council will conduct a public hearing on April 6 to review a new ordinance designed to regulate the placement of wireless telecommunications antennas. The public hearing will be held at 6 pm, at the Municipal Services Building, Room 105, 633 East Broadway.

The proposed ordinances would amend Titles 12 and 30 of the Glendale Municipal Code, and the City’s specific plans. Generally, the ordinances would provide a comprehensive change to the permitting, placement, design and maintenance of wireless telecommunications facilities in all zones within the City. The proposed ordinances were the subject of a Planning Commission hearing on February 3, 2010. At this hearing, the Planning Commission recommended the approval of the ordinances to the City Council.

On January 13, 2009, the City Council adopted a moratorium on the issuance of permits for wireless antennas and related facilities in residential zones and public rights-of-way within 1000 feet of residential zones. This moratorium, adopted in anticipation of the upcoming draft ordinance, was enacted in order to provide time for City staff to address concerns of compatibility of such facilities in sensitive locations of the City.

Among many other things, the proposed ordinances establish two new permits:
• a wireless telecommunications facility encroachment permit for installations in the public right-of-way
• a wireless telecommunications facility permit for installations on private property.

Both types of permits will have new application requirements, specified preferred zones and locations, more widespread community notification, expert reviews when necessary, required findings of fact for approvals of permits, facilities standards and design requirements and safety and monitoring standards. The proposed ordinances will also require compliance with FCC’s radio frequency emissions regulations.

For additional information go to the City of Glendale website at or call Christina Sansone at (818) 548-2080.