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At a Saturday LA neighborhood council coalition meeting on LA DWP issues, a District 2 rep grumbled about the stack of mailings received recently from Christine Essel, and large contributions to her campaign from IBEW, the DWP workers’ union. Also Saturday, Tamar Galatzan, Rep. Brad Sherman, Assemblyman Mike Feuer and Los Angeles City Council candidate Paul Koretz met in Paul Krekorian’s campaign office to condemn personal attack mailers issued by Essel accusing Krekorian of sexism and anti-Semitism.

Los Angeles Council District 2 pre-election reports were under the Sunroom Desk paperweight this past week, as local state assemblyman Krekorian is a top contender for the seat. Krekorian earned the endorsement of most former candidates as well as most neighborhood councils in the district, but a flood of last-minute mailers has boosted opponent Essel’s visibility. The Glendale News-Press reported Friday on the unprecedented campaign spending:

“Essel has been backed by a total of more than $1.5 million in campaign spending, nearly triple the $586,000 spent on Krekorian’s behalf.”

The LA Times also noted the huge sum (and in the same issue endorsed Essel):

…independent groups, including some of the city’s most powerful unions, had poured nearly $1 million into the contest for the San Fernando Valley seat formerly held by Wendy Greuel. More than 90% of that money has been devoted to boosting Essel’s bid. Heading into Tuesday’s runoff, Essel’s campaign outspent Krekorian by nearly two to one.

IBEW also attempted to overturn city of Los Angeles’ campaign spending limits in order to funnel even more money to Essel; Krekorian successfully opposed their bid.

Other links under the paperweight focused on Krekorian’s strengths:

Mayor Sam’s Sister City reprinted a personal endorsement letter stating Krekorian has gained the endorsements of most neighborhood councils and residents’ groups.

RonKayeLA’s endorsement dwelt at length on the insider politics behind Essel’s large campaign chest, highlighted Krekorian’s connection to the community, and endorsed him for Council District 2:

Essel has failed over the long months of this campaign to connect to the community.

…Krekorian, by contrast, has walked the precincts and talked and listened to voters.

The election takes place tomorrow: Tuesday, December 8, 2009.

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