George McClements’ Books for Kids

Glendale parent George McClements is an animation artist, illustrator and children’s book author. His books pass this test for children’s literature loved by both kids and adults: must have great illustrations (check), compelling plots (check), positive messages (check), and humor for both age groups (check!). McClements has published five books since 2002:

Jake Gander, Storyville Detective
A sardonic private eye takes a fairy-tale impersonation case.

Baron von Baddie and the Ice Ray Incident
An evil genius loses interest in doomsday plots when his nemesis superhero is sidelined.

Ridin’ Dinos with Buck Bronco
A cowboy teaches saddling and riding terms along with basic dinosaur facts.

Night of the Veggie Monster
An ordinary boy turns dinner into a melodramatic ordeal.

Dinosaur Woods: Can Seven Clever Critters Save Their Forest Home?
Animals construct a dinosaur to save their habitat.